Second Nordic Minisymposium on

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage

October 26, 2001


Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Chalmers University of Technology & Göteborg University


in co-operation with





Editors: Anders Lyngfelt, Filip Johnsson and Christian Azar


Proceedings can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobate (.pdf) format and contains 14 parts:

First page, Contents, Introduction, Programme, Speakers

Anders Lyngfelt:  An Introduction to CO2 Capture and Storage

Erik Lindeberg:  Experiences from Storing Four Million Ton Carbon Dioxide in the North Sea:   Simulation of CO2 distribution pattern in an underground CO2 injection projected calibrated by 3d seismics

Niels Peter Christensen:  Assessing European Potential for Geological Storage of CO2

Ron Zevenhoven:  CO2 Sequestration by Magnesium Silicate Mineral Carbonation in Finland

Olav Kaarstad:  Hvordan et oljeselskap ser pa CO2-fjerning og -lagring

Hallvard Svendsen:  Absorption as a Method for CO2 Capture

Olav Bolland:  Combined Cycle with CO2 Capture Based on the Pre-Combustion Method

Per Tore Halvorsen og Tord Ursin: HiOx - Emission Free Gas Power

Asle Lygre: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Plants with Integrated CO2 Capture

Tobias Mattisson: Applications of Chemical-looping Combustion with Capture of CO2

Sven-Gunnar Sundkvist: AZEP - Development of an Integrated Air Separation Membrane - Gas Turbine

Lars Strömberg: CO2-free power production in Europe. Technology and costs

Christian Azar: Carbon sequestration from fossil fuels and biomass - long-term potentials


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