325) Hanning, M., Possibilities and Challenges of Using Combined Manganese Oxides as Oxygen Carriers, PhD Thesis,
Dept. of Space, Earth and Environment, Division of Energy Conversion, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden 2018

The complete thesis includes a 50-page "kappa" (click to download), followed by the
papers I-VI:

Paper I
Källén M, Rydén M, Dueso C, Mattisson T, Lyngfelt A.
CaMn0.9Mg0.1O3-δ as Oxygen Carrier in a Gas-Fired 10 kWth Chemical-Looping Combustion Unit.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013. 52:6923-32.

Paper II
Hallberg P, Hanning M, Rydén M, Mattisson T, Lyngfelt A.
Investigation of a calcium manganite as oxygen carrier during 99 h of operation of chemical-looping combustion in a 10 kWth reactor unit.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. 2016. 53:222-9.

Paper III
Källén M, Hallberg P, Rydén M, Mattisson T, Lyngfelt A.
Combined oxides of iron, manganese and silica as oxygen carriers for chemical-looping combustion.
Fuel Processing Technology. 2014. 124:87-96.

Paper IV
Källén M, Rydén M, Lyngfelt A, Mattisson T.
Chemical-looping combustion using combined iron/manganese/silicon oxygen carriers.
Applied Energy. 2015. 157:330-337.

Paper V
Hanning M, Frick V, Mattisson T, Rydén M, Lyngfelt A.
Performance of Combined Manganese-Silicon Oxygen Carriers and Effects of Including Titanium.
Energy and Fuels. 2016. 30:1171-82.

Paper VI
Hanning M, Corcoran A, Lind F, Rydén M.
Biomass Ash Interactions with a Manganese Ore Used as Oxygen-Carrying Bed Material in a 12 MWth CFB Boiler.
Submitted for publication.