323) Schmitz, M., Chemical looping combustion of solid fuels using manganese-based oxygen carriers – investigations in 10 and 100 kW pilots, PhD Thesis 2018,
The complete thesis includes a 60-page "kappa" (click to download), followed by the
papers I-V:

Paper I
Schmitz M, Linderholm C,
“Performance of Calcium Manganate as Oxygen Carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion of Biochar in a 10 kW pilot”,
Applied Energy 169, 2016, 729–737

Paper II Schmitz M, Linderholm C, Lyngfelt A,
“Chemical Looping Combustion of Sulphurous Solid Fuels Using Spray-dried Calcium Manganate Particles as Oxygen Carrier”,
Energy Procedia 63, 2014, 140–152

Paper III
Schmitz M, Linderholm C, Hallberg P, Sundqvist S, Lyngfelt A,
“Chemical-looping combustion of solid fuels using manganese ores as oxygen carriers”,
Energy and Fuels 30, 2016, 1204–1216

Paper IV
Schmitz M, Linderholm C, Lyngfelt A,
“Chemical looping combustion of four different solid fuels using a manganese-silicon-titanium oxygen carrier”,
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 70, 2018, 88-96

Paper V
Schmitz M, Linderholm C,
“Chemical looping combustion of biomass in 10 and 100 kW pilots - Analysis of conversion and lifetime using a sintered manganese ore”,
2018, submitted for publication