316) Hallberg, P., Mixed Oxide Oxygen Carriers for Chemical-Looping Combustion,  PhD Thesis,

The complete thesis includes a 36-page "kappa" (click to download), followed by the 5 papers: 133, 162, 208, 278, 206

Paper I

Hallberg, P.; Leion H.; Lyngfelt, A., A Method for determination of reaction enthalpy of oxygen carriers
for chemical looping combustion – Application to ilmenite. Thermochimica Acta 2011, 524, 62-67

Paper II
Hallberg, P.; Jing, D.; Rydén, M.; Mattisson, T.; Lyngfelt, A., Chemical Looping Combustion and
Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling Experiments in a Batch Reactor Using Spray-Dried
CaMn1-xMxO3-δ (M = Ti, Fe, Mg) Particles as Oxygen carriers. Energy & Fuels 2013, 27, 1473-1481

Paper III
Hallberg, P.; Källén, M.; Jing, D.; Snijkers, F.; van Noyen, J.; Rydén, M.; Lyngfelt, A., Experimental
Investigation of CaMnO3-δ Based Oxygen Carriers Used in Continuous Chemical-Looping Combustion.
International Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014, Article ID 412517, 9 pages

Paper IV
Hallberg, P.; Hanning, M.; Rydén, M.; Mattisson, T.; Lyngfelt, A., Investigation of a calcium manganite
as oxygen carrier during 99 h of operation of chemical-looping combustion in a 10 kWth reactor unit.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2016, 53, 222-229

Paper V
Källén, M.; Hallberg, P.; Rydén, M.; Mattisson, T.; Lyngfelt, A.; Combined Oxides of Iron, Manganese
and Silica as Oxygen Carriers for Chemical-Looping Combustion. Fuel processing technology 2014,
124, (August 2014), 87-96.