140) Linderholm, C., CO2 Capture using Chemical-Looping Combustion – Operational Experience with Gaseous and Solid Fuels, PhD Thesis

The complete thesis includes a 63-page "kappa" (click to download), followed by the 6 papers 72, 76, 97, 127,138,139: 


I.                   Linderholm, C., Abad, A., Mattisson, T., and Lyngfelt, A., 160 h of chemical-looping combustion in a 10 kW reactor system with a NiO-based oxygen carrier, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2008, Pages 520-530.

II.                Linderholm, C., Mattisson, T., and Lyngfelt, A., Long-term integrity testing of spray-dried particles in a 10-kW chemical-looping combustor using natural gas as fuel, Fuel, Volume 88, Issue 11, November 2009, Pages 2083-2096.

III.             Linderholm, C., Jerndal, E., Mattisson, T., and Lyngfelt, A., Investigation of NiO-based mixed oxides in a 300-W chemical-looping combustor, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Volume 88, Issues 5-6, May-June 2010, Pages 661-672.

IV.             Linderholm, C., Cuadrat, A., and Lyngfelt, A., Chemical-looping combustion of solid fuels in a 10 kWth pilot – batch tests with five fuels, Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, Pages 385-392.

V.                Cuadrat, A., Linderholm, C., Abad, A., Lyngfelt, A., and Adánez, J., Influence of limestone addition in a 10 kWth Chemical-Looping Combustion unit operated with pet coke, submitted for publication in Energy & Fuels.

VI.             Linderholm, C., Lyngfelt, A., Cuadrat, A., and Jerndal, E., Chemical-looping combustion of solid fuels – operation in 10 kW unit with two fuels, above-bed and in-bed fuel feed and two oxygen carriers, manganese ore and ilmenite, Submitted for publication in Fuel.